Clinical PhD studentship: Dissecting the tumour microenvironment of pancreatic cancer

We have an opening for a clinical PhD project: Dissecting the tumour microenvironment of pancreatic cancer. Deadline Nov 30, 2017

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Rotation/Intern project (2-4 Months): Deconvolution of immune cell populations using bulk tumour gene expression data

The tumour microenvironment is a mixture of heterogeneous cell types including cancer, immune, and stromal cells. Recent studies have shown that the interaction between tumour and non-tumour cells influences the fate of the tumour. For example, we have previously shown significant variability in tumour-immune microenvironments among different tumours within the same patient leading to differing outcomes (Jiménez-Sánchez, et al. Cell 2017). However, characterisation of immune cell types in tumours using bulk gene expression data is still challenging and cause of heated debate (Zheng. Genome Biology 2017). We have a rotation/intern projec open proposing to use the most recent immune deconvolution methods to generate a consensus approach that could accurately estimate the relative proportion of different immune cells present in a tumour using gene expression data from bulk tumour tissue. For more informaiton, please contact