Miller lab, January 2019

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Group members


Martin Miller
Group Leader, Contact

Background: Systems Biology & Proteomics
Degree: PhD Technical University of Denmark, 2008
@ CRUK CI: Since Jan 2015, CV, Google Scholar

Anagha Krishnan
PhD Student, Contact

Background: Bioengineering
Degree: BSc, Georgia Inst of Technology, 2019
@ NIH / CI: Since Oct 2020, CV

Anne Machel
PhD Student, Contact

Background: Biochemistry
Degree: BSc, Goethe University Frankfurt, 2015
@ CRUK CI: Since Mar 2018, CV

Arnaldo Silva
Clinical PhD Student, Contact

Background: Medicine
Degree: MBChB, MRCS, Leeds University, 2015
@ CRUK CI: Since Oct 2020, CV

Berna Bou Tayeh
Research Associate, Contact

Background: Tumour Immunology
Degree: PhD Aix-Marseille, 2020
@ CRUK CI: Since Mar 2021, CV

Christabel Boyles
PhD Student, Contact

Background: Biomedical Science
Degree: BSc, York University, 2019
@ CRUK CI: Since Sept 2019, CV

Danish Memon
Guest Scientist, Contact

Background: Bioinformatics
Degree: PhD CRUK Manchester, 2016
@ CRUK CI: Since Mar 2016, CV

Michael Gill
Principal Scientific Associate, Contact

Background: Virology
Degree: PhD Cambridge University, 2000
@ CRUK CI: Since July 2015, CV

Ollie Cast
PhD Student, Contact

Background: Bioinformatics
Degree: BSc, University of Plymouth, 2015
@ CRUK CI: Since May 2018, CV

Simon Koplev
PhD Student, Contact

Background: Bioinformatics
Degree: MScEng Technical Uni of Denmark, 2014
@ CRUK CI: Since Oct 2018, CV

Zeynep Kalender-Atak
Research Associate, Contact

Background: Statistics & Comp Biol
Degree: PhD KU Leuven, 2013
@ CRUK CI: Since Oct 2019, CV

Collaborators and Administration


Tania Smith

Research Administrator


phone: +44 (0) 1223 769 657

  We have several national and international collaborators including:

Duncan Jodrell
(CRUK CI) on pancreatic cancer and therapy resistance.
Pedro Beltrao
(EMBL/EBI) on proteogenomics analysis. Pedro is a co-mentor for Danish Memon.
Alex Snyder Charen
(MSKCC) on ovarian cancer genetics and therapy.
Pippa Corrie
(Cambridge University Hospital) on melanoma genomics and immunotherapy.

Miller Lab Alumni

Tony Wu
PhD Student, Contact

Moved to: Co-Founder @ Zygosity
@ CRUK CI: 2016-2020, CV

Eloise Lloyd
Research Assistant, Contact

Moved to: PhD Student @ CRUK CI
@ CRUK CI: 2019-2020, CV

Sebastian Kehrlößer
Post-Doc, Contact

Moved to: Boston Consulting Group
@ CRUK CI: 2016-2020, CV

Jiaxuan (Jimmy) Chen
Post-Doc, Contact

Moved to: Staff Scientist, Mainz
@ CRUK CI: 2015-2018, CV

Alejandro Jimenez-Sanchez
PhD Student, Contact

Moved to: PostDoc @ MSKCC
@ CRUK CI: 2015-2018, CV

Jimmy Van den Eynden
Visiting Scientist, Contact

Moved to: PI @ U Gent
@ CRUK CI: Aug-Sept 2018, CV

Lena Morrill
Rotation project MGM PhD, Contact

Moved to: PhD student @ CRUK CI
@ CRUK CI: July-Aug 2018, CV