Group members


Martin Miller
Group Leader, Contact

Background: Systems Biology & Proteomics
Degree: PhD Technical University of Denmark, 2008
@ CRUK CI: Since Jan 2015, CV, Google Scholar

Alejandro Jimenez-Sanchez
PhD Student, Contact

Background: Bioinformatics
Degree: MSc University of York, 2015
@ CRUK CI: Since Apr 2015, CV

Danish Memon
Post-Doc, Contact

Background: Bioinformatics
Degree: PhD CRUK Manchester, 2016
@ CRUK CI: Since Mar 2016, CV

Jiaxuan (Jimmy) Chen
Post-Doc, Contact

Background: Proteomics & Mass Spectrometry
Degree: PhD Max Delbrück Center for Mol. Med., 2015
@ CRUK CI: Since Nov 2015, CV

Michael Gill
Senior Scientific Associate, Contact

Background: Virology
Degree: PhD Cambridge University, 2000
@ CRUK CI: Since July 2015, CV

Sebastian Kehrlößer
Post-Doc, Contact

Background: Biochemistry
Degree: PhD Goethe University Frankfurt, 2015
@ CRUK CI: Since Jan 2016, CV

Tony Wu
PhD Student, Contact

Background: Molecular Biology
Degree: MA University of Pennsylvania, 2014
@ CRUK CI: Since Oct 2016, CV

Collaborators and Administration


Tania Smith

Research Administrator

email: tania.smith||

phone: +44 (0) 1223 769 657

  We have several national and international collaborators including:

Duncan Jodrell
(CRUK CI) on pancreatic cancer and therapy resistance.
Pedro Beltrao
(EMBL/EBI) on proteogenomics analysis. Pedro is a co-mentor for Danish Memon.
Alex Snyder Charen
(MSKCC) on ovarian cancer genetics and therapy.
Pippa Corrie
(Cambridge University Hospital) on melanoma genomics and immunotherapy.