Michael B. Gill, Curriculum Vitae

Academic Positions & Education

2015-current Senior Scientific Associate, University of Cambridge, Cancer Research UK, Cambridge Institute, Cambridge, UK
2005-2015 Research Associate, Division of Virology, The Department of Pathology, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK

Post-doctoral Research Fellowship, Harvard Medical School, Department of Virology &

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Divisions of Experimental Medicine & Infectious Disease, Boston, MA, USA

1996-2000 Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK
1992-1996 B.Sc. in Biochemistry, Upper second class (2:1), Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, UK



[15] KSHV-TK is a tyrosine kinase that disrupts focal adhesions and induces Rho-mediated cell contraction

MB Gill, R Turner, PG Stevenson, M Way

The EMBO journal 34(4), 448--65 (2015)


[14] Analysis of host gene expression changes reveals distinct roles for the cytoplasmic domain of the Epstein-Barr virus receptor/CD21 in B-cell maturation, activation, and initiation of virus infection

MS Arredouani, MK Bhasin, DR Sage, LK Dunn, MB Gill, D Agnani, TA Libermann, JD Fingeroth

Journal of virology 88(10), 5559--77 (2014)


[13] In vivo function of the murid herpesvirus-4 ribonucleotide reductase small subunit

R Milho, MB Gill, JS May, S Colaco, PG Stevenson

The Journal of general virology 92(Pt 7), 1550--60 (2011)

[12] Murid herpesvirus-4 exploits dendritic cells to infect B cells

M Gaspar, JS May, S Sukla, B Frederico, MB Gill, CM Smith, GT Belz, PG Stevenson

PLoS pathogens 7(11), e1002346 (2011)


[11] Important role for the murid herpesvirus 4 ribonucleotide reductase large subunit in host colonization via the respiratory tract

MB Gill, JS May, S Colaco, PG Stevenson

Journal of virology 84(20), 10937--42 (2010)


[10] Murid herpesvirus-4 lacking thymidine kinase reveals route-dependent requirements for host colonization

MB Gill, DE Wright, CM Smith, JS May, PG Stevenson

The Journal of general virology 90(Pt 6), 1461--70 (2009)


[9] A gamma-herpesvirus glycoprotein complex manipulates actin to promote viral spread

MB Gill, R Edgar, JS May, PG Stevenson

PloS one 3(3), e1808 (2008)

[8] An essential role for the proximal but not the distal cytoplasmic tail of glycoprotein M in murid herpesvirus 4 infection

JS May, CM Smith, MB Gill, PG Stevenson

PloS one 3(5), e2131 (2008)

[7] Multiple functions for ORF75c in murid herpesvirus-4 infection

M Gaspar, MB Gill, J L\"{o}sing, JS May, PG Stevenson

PloS one 3(7), e2781 (2008)


[6] Epstein-Barr virus thymidine kinase is a centrosomal resident precisely localized to the periphery of centrioles

MB Gill, JL Kutok, JD Fingeroth

Journal of virology 81(12), 6523--35 (2007)

[5] Murine gammaherpesvirus-68 inhibits antigen presentation by dendritic cells

CM Smith, MB Gill, JS May, PG Stevenson

PloS one 2(10), e1048 (2007)


[4] Murine gammaherpesvirus-68 glycoprotein H-glycoprotein L complex is a major target for neutralizing monoclonal antibodies

MB Gill, L Gillet, S Colaco, JS May, BD de Lima, PG Stevenson

The Journal of general virology 87(Pt 6), 1465--75 (2006)

[3] Murine gammaherpesvirus-68 glycoprotein B presents a difficult neutralization target to monoclonal antibodies derived from infected mice

L Gillet, MB Gill, S Colaco, CM Smith, PG Stevenson

The Journal of general virology 87(Pt 12), 3515--27 (2006)


[2] Functional divergence of Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus and related gamma-2 herpesvirus thymidine kinases: novel cytoplasmic phosphoproteins that alter cellular morphology and disrupt adhesion

MB Gill, J Murphy, JD Fingeroth

Journal of virology 79(23), 14647--59 (2005)


[1] EBV attachment stimulates FHOS/FHOD1 redistribution and co-aggregation with CD21: formin interactions with the cytoplasmic domain of human CD21

MB Gill, J Roecklein-Canfield, DR Sage, M Zambela-Soediono, N Longtine, M Uknis, JD Fingeroth

Journal of cell science 117(Pt 13), 2709--20 (2004)


UK patent application number 0813716.8 Treatment of viral infection.